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Josiah Anderson
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Vision for Muscatine

Muscatine is a diverse community with diverse needs.
There are no quick fixes for the challenges that face us, but by holding community goals first, we will rise to those challenges as Muscatine always has.

Focus on Outstanding Customer Service

The city has a responsibility to provide basic services with taxpayer money, and those citizen services need to be conducted with excellence, efficiency, promptness, reliability, accessibility, and continual examination of best practices –  striving for constant improvement and modernization.

Address Housing Needs

The Muscatine community has a tremendous housing shortage, making growth and recruitment tough. By working with together with homeowners, developers, landlords, and tenants, we can incentivize the investment needed to create an effective and fair housing supply for the long term. 

Build Muscatine's Brand

We need to continue the good work being done in the community to refresh and refine the Muscatine brand. We have to rewrite the public narrative about what Muscatine is (and will be) and share it with the world!

Be Transparent and Accountable

To be by the people and for the people, we should ensure that the City of Muscatine continues to be transparent in its actions and accountable to the community as a whole.

Be Forward Thinking

The world is changing every day, and for Muscatine to thrive, we have to ask tough questions and act on the answers – what does long term growth look like? What amenities attract and retain residents?  What resources can lift up the entire community?

Embrace Technology

By adopting innovative, technology-driven solutions we can address many of our challenges, serve the people of Muscatine, and remain fiscally responsible.

Support Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Muscatine has always been its best when the entrepreneurial spirit has been nurtured. Creating an environment for the next generation of business owners is critical.

Be Balanced and Thoughtful

From energy generation to industrial development and new amenities, a balanced, reasonable, and thoughtful approach will always win the day.

Henry Ford Said it best

“Coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is a process;
Working together is success.”

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My promise to muscatine


I promise to

be an upstanding citizen servant leader and do what is best for the Muscatine community as a whole.


I promise to

listen to all who come before the council with respect, dignity, and the attention due to them.


I promise to

make decisions based on balanced inforamtion and seek advice from experts, keeping in mind all people affected by decisions – present and future.


I promise to

keep communication open, listening to your concerns, struggles, insights, and advice. We may not always agree, but I will always listen.